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Are we on the verge of seeing a young science vanish from sight? It may well seem so. Software has always had this strange property that it’s so soft you can’t touch it. You can’t take it into your hands. You can’t see it. Hardware, also known as computers, is moving out of sight as well. When you ask someone how many computers he or she owns, you rarely get the right answer, which is often in the order of ten or so. Just like software, computers are everywhere: your car, your watch, your activity monitor, your TV set, your cell phone, your hearing aid, your modern lightbulb, your door lock, and so on. Oh, and your laptop, of course. Software and hardware are disappearing from sight, but obviously, they’re not vanishing.

It took us decades, but by now society is drowning in ICT, and we don’t even see it. ICT is everywhere and in such an abundance that we can’t even build up a complete picture. And likewise, ICT science may seem to be vanishing from sight. But vanishing from sight isn’t the same as vanishing. On the contrary, there’s a lot of ICT science taking place to let ICT run through our society’s veins and shape the things we do today, and will do tomorrow. ICT science is making our society smart.

At CTIT we conduct the ICT research that make the societies of today and tomorrow smart. Societies are important to us: we are concerned about the relevance of our research for society, we embed our solutions into societies and preferably in a way that it seems normal to you and that it feels as if it's supposed to be that way.


4 May 2016 - NWO ERANET Plus Call Smart Grids is open! Recently, the NWO ERANET Plus Call Smart Grids has been opened! Researchers from knowledge institutes, together with at least 1 knowledge institute from another country/region can submit project proposals within the area of Smart Grids. NWO 'Exacte Wetenschappen' coördinates the Dutch participation to this call. 3 May 2016 - UT researchers are investigating the hacking of cars Is it possible to open a modern car without using a key? Yes, certainly! Thieves are familiar with this too, and it happens more and more. At the UT, Stefan van de Beek and prof. Frank Leferink are working on measures against these kinds of theft. 28 Apr 2016 - Aiko Pras honoured with the prestigious IFIP/IEEE Salah Aidarous Memorial Award 2016 Prof. dr. ir. Aiko Pras (EWI/DACS-group) has been honoured with the prestigious IFIP/IEEE “SALAH AIDAROUS MEMORIAL AWARD” 2016, presented in memory of NOMS'04 Chair Salah Aidarous for "providing unremitting service and dedication to the IT and Telecommunications Network Operations and Management community". 28 Apr 2016 - Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC) Summer School June 14-17, 2016: Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC) Summer School - A Systems and Control Perspective in Human-Robot-Environment Interaction  28 Apr 2016 - Mariëlle Stoelinga and Marcus Gerhold won the Best Paper Award at ETAPS 2016 During the Euopean Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice and Software 2016 (ETAPS'16) in Eindhoven Mariëlle Stoelinga and Marcus Gerhold won the EASST best paper for their paper titled 'Model-Based Testing of Probabilistic Systems'. 



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