Past projects

  • SFEER: Scheduling a large fleet of MicroCHP appliances
  • IH: Islanded house
  • DREAM: Real-time control of energy streams in buildings
  • HEGRID: Hybrid energy grid management
  • Current projects

  • EASI: Energy autonomous smart micro-grids
  • i-CARE: Personalized climate and ambient control for zero-energy buildings
  • Meppelenergy: developing a hybrid Smart Grid for urban districts
  • In4Energy: Working together on tomorrow’s energy supply
  • Pilotprojekt Kita Haren
  • E-balance: Balancing energy production and consumption in energy efficient smart neighbourhoods
  • SIMPS: System Integration of Micro-Grids through Profile Steering
  • MOSES: More Secure SCADA Through Self-Awareness
  • Future projects

  • ORTEP: Open Real Time Development Platform for Smart Grids