J.J. Chromik Msc.

PhD Student
Justyna Chromik
Name Chromik, J.J. Msc. (Justyna)

University of Twente


Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)


Computer Science (CS)


Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS)


Zilverling 5055


PO Box 217


+31 53 489 3737

Email j.j.chromik@utwente.nl
Justyna was born in Pszczyna in Poland. In 2012 she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. In 2015 she completed her Master’s degree in Telematics, at the University of Twente in Enschede. Currently Justyna is a PhD candidate researching the security of industrial control systems. Her focus is on Intrusion Detection Systems and modelling the dependency between cyber commands and changes in underlying physical systems.



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Chromik, J.J. and Remke, A.K.I. and Haverkort, B.R.H.M. (2016) What's under the hood? Improving SCADA security with process awareness. In: Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Cyber-physical Security and Resilience in Smart Grids (CPSR-SG 2016), 12 Apr 2016, Vienna, Austria. IEEE. ISBN 978-1-5090-1165-0


Chromik, J.J. and Cardoso de Santanna, J.J. and Sperotto, A. and Pras, A. (2015) Booter websites characterization: Towards a list of threats. In: Proceedings of 33rd Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, SBRC 2015, 18-22 May 2015, Vitoria, Brasil. pp. 445-458. Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). ISSN 2177-496X