Smart energy control for a sustainable urban district

Type Flexible
Programme Embedded Systems, Computer Science or Mathematics
Contact Richard van Leeuwen


In Meppel, a new urban district “Nieuwveenslanden” is developed in which for the first time, a smart grid is applied for controlling electric and thermal energy generation and consumption. A PhD of the University of Twente investigates the renewable energy system and develops the smart Grid control algorithms together with i-NRG. The Smart Grid control requires prediction of heating and cooling demand from a few hours up to a day ahead. This is used to plan energy consumption within the area. Based on the planning, equipment like heat pumps, the CHP and district heating system are scheduled and controlled. This type of control is called MPC (Model Predictive Control). MPC contains a predictive model of the controlled system, usually based on equations or transfer functions. For houses and district heating these models quickly become complex due to the many influences on energy consumption, for instance heat pump characteristics, manifolds, concrete floor heating, heat loss of houses, resident circumstances and comfort settings.

For more information see this pdf (assignment 1)