State estimation in distribution networks

Type Master's assignment
Programme Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems
Contact Gerwin Hoogsteen


In the past, energy was flowing in only one direction from powerplants towards end-users in the low voltage network. Due to introduction of renewable energy sources in this low-voltage network, this is not the case anymore. Due to the historic approach on energy generation and delivery, little to no measurements were required in the low voltage network for a safe and stable operations. Measurements in the higher voltage levels were enough to accomplish this goal. With the energy flowing in different directions now due to the injection of renewable energy, the current measurements might not be enough to detect all problems arising in the network. To minimize the costs of placing measurement equipment, research is focussing on state estimation for these low voltage networks. By using models of the network and careful placing of measurement equipment, the state of the whole low voltage network might be estimated.

The aim of this assignment is to add state estimation to the network simulation that is implemented in TRIANA. This state estimation can be used for improved real time control of networks using smart grid technology to prevent asset overloading and voltage problems. There might be a possibility to test the approach in a field test we are involved in. If you are interested in this assignment, please contact Gerwin Hoogsteen. Together we will formulate the research questions and find an industrial partner for the master's assignment.