Harmonics and reactive power control in smart grids

Type Master's assignment
Programme Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems
Contact Gerwin Hoogsteen


The introduction of distributed generation causes additional stress on grid assets, which could lead to overloading. Another issue is that it might as well lead to additional investments in grid assets to overcome problems related to harmonic distortion caused by power electronics. To prevent or migitate these problems, research focusses on reducing the injected harmonics by power electronics. Recent research also focusses on how inverters for solar panels can contribute to solving the issues that might arise. One of the solutions is to provide reactive power control to prevent overvoltage problems. Another novel idea is to inject opposite harmonics into the network to compensate for harmonics introduced by consuming power electronics.

We would like to know the impact of harmonics on load of network assets and how we can model or estimate total harmonics distortion. These results can be used to evaluate whether demand side management could be used to migitate problems arising from harmonics. If you are interested in this assignment, please contact Gerwin Hoogsteen. Together we will formulate the research questions and find an industrial partner for the master's assignment.