Finding a balanced energy mix for an area

Type Master's assignment
Programme Sustainable Energy Technology and Mathematics
Contact Gerwin Hoogsteen


More citizens start to cooperate to produce and share their own energy. Usually a specific goal is set, such as bein carbon neutral. There is no one-fits-all solution when it comes to finding a good mix of solutions to accomplish these goals. The solution depends on several factors, including people, location and insulation of houses. Methods to derive a good mix of solutions for a typical area are required to assist these citizens by giving them an overview of required actions. These actions could be to install a certain amount of renewables, storage capacity and investments in insulation of buildings. In order to find a good mix of solution, energy consumption and production patterns based on input parameters need to be obtained. These patterns might be based on a stochastic model. These patterns can than be used to give estimations on the amound of renewable energy, savings by insulation and storage capacity required. From these numbers, a mix of solutions can be obtained, based on the economic cost and limitations of the considered area.

Your task will be to add models to generate energy production and consumption patterns. This data can be used in a method to derive a mix of solutions that meet the targets of the citizens. If you are interested in this assignment, please contact Gerwin Hoogsteen. Together we will formulate the research questions and find an industrial partner for the master's assignment.