Assignments in Progress

Realization of a smart grid demo-site on the ground of Coteq in Almelo

Master's assignment

Student: Klaas Hoekstra
Supervisors: Marco Gerards and Johann Hurink
Programme: Embedded Systems - University of Twente

For this assignment, a smart grid demo-site will be realized on the ground of the DSO Coteq in Almelo, making use of the hardware already located there. The setup consists of six EV chargers, four roofs full of PV panels and a static battery.

In the current situation, the chargers and PV are connected to the grid, but are operating without any smartness in them. The idea is to implement an algorithm that will coordinate the charging of the EVs, based on the PV production and the consumption of the building, to realize a form of peak shaving.

Already a lot of knowledge is available in the University about peak shaving algorithms but implementing one in a real-world situation brings some challenges. For example, how can the power consumption of a charging EV be throttled, and how will all the hardware communicate with each other. The finished product should run on a single Raspberry Pi and give insight in the impact of using a smart grid in a real-world situation.