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By now, the Living Smart Campus project has recruited its postdoc researchers:

Alejandro Moreno


Arun Ramakrishnan

Arunkishore Ramakrishnan

Jason X. dai


Kallol Das


Lamia Elloumi


Mitra baratchi


A session was organized at the DesignLab to come to a concrete project proposal, which is now being further shaped. The big challenge that we want to go for in the project is dynamically measuring the meaning of a space. Just imagine that we could, on the fly, determine that a room is being used for a meeting, or for a social event, or anything else. To do this, we need to understand what the original intention was of a room, observe the people in that room, perhaps how the room relates to other parts of the campus, etc. By-and-large, we are talking about an interdisciplinary project that requires recognizing social behavior, understanding how people move across campus, knowledge and data models describing the buildings and their surroundings, and many collaborative sensors everywhere. To drive this research and to stay focused, we are developing a use case for navigating to "the place to be". 

The project starts for most postdocs around January 1 2016. One postdoc has already started, another one will start midway February. In the beginning of January, we'll organize a kick-off event to describe our plans in detail, and also to get more people directly or indirectly involved.

Stay tuned!