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Networked little things


Title: Networked little things

Description: Sensors are everywhere and integrated in every single smart thing around us, which has enabled continuous monitoring of physical environment as well as recognizing our daily activity. Emerging behaviors will arise when these heterogeneous devices can communicate and cooperate with one another. In this assignment, you will develop reliable and energy efficient wireless sensor networking protocols to realize an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution for our living smart campus. You will also get the opportunity to implement the developed protocols in real hardware platforms and to launch your own application on the network.


Figure: A sample wireless sensor network topology for smart campus

Skills required: We are looking for students who are passionate to explore the wireless communication and networking protocols for the Internet of Things. During the assignment you will get hands-on experience with real-time operating systems (RTOS) for sensor networks (e.g., Contiki). Therefore, some programming skills (preferably with C and Matlab) would help.

Level: Master/Bachelor

Contact: Kallol Das, k.das@utwente.nl