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Smart micro navigation in outdoor and indoor environments


Title: SAVOIR Project - Smart micro nAVigation in Outdoor and IndooR environments

Description: In this project we are going to extend and enrich spatial information for the UT Campus to facilitate accurate and smart micro navigation for visually impaired people, eventually robots, and extend it to any user group.

For achieving the project goals, the following research questions need to be addressed:

· How can we apply existing spatial information for navigating and wayfinding at the micro-level?

· How can we support users of spatial information in creating and reinforcing a personalized mental spatial maps of their environments?

· What is the preferred and effective way of conveying spatial information and giving feedback for different group of users?

When developing the project, thus the student assignment(s), the User-Centered Design (Fig1) process would be applied.

Fig1. User-Centered Design Process

In this assignment(s), you will get to work in one or more research questions to contribute to the main three research questions of the project and you will be involved in one or more steps of the User-Centered Design process.

Skills required: We are looking for a motivated student with a background Communication Science, Industrial Design Engineering, Human Media Interaction, Computer Science or any relevant studies to be able to accomplish the proposed assignment.

Level: Bachelor/Master

Contact: Lamia Elloumi, l.elloumi@utwente.nl