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Analyzing Big Mobility Data Streams


Title: Analyzing Big Mobility Data Streams

Description: Mobility data (representing people’s movement over time) is generated continuously by various technologies. Wi-Fi access points are currently becoming a new means of collecting huge loads of mobility data, rich in different types of information, such as people’s individual and social behavior. In this assignment, you will get to work with a large dataset collected by Wi-Fi access points (probe requests) to answer a specific societal relevant research question. 

Skills required: We are looking for people who are (i) curious and (ii) would like to apply machine learning and data mining algorithms on a large dataset. During the assignment you will get hands-on experience with Big Data analytics tools. Therefore, some programming skills (preferably with scripting tools such as Python, R, Matlab) would help.

Figure 1: You fishing “catfish” out of a massive datapool

Level: Bachelor/Master

Contact: Mitra Baratchi, m.baratchi@utwente.nl