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10 Jul 2017 - 3 PhD Positions on Multi-Party Virtual Coaching

In the context of the European Horizon-2020 project Council of Coaches, the University of Twente and Roessingh Research and Development are looking for three highly motivated PhD candidates to help shape the future of virtual coaching technologies in the healthcare domain. These available positions are at the Centre for Monitoring and Coaching.

18 Jun 2017 - Development smartwatch app ZGT and University of Twente awarded for Best Diabetes Idea 2017 The Diameter is awarded for the Best Diabetes Idea of 2017. Research partners ZGT and University of Twente received this price on 15 July 2017.
15 Mar 2017 - Monitoring recovery after a hip operation should improve rehabilitation

Dr. Han Hegeman is a trauma surgeon and the head of medicine at the Centre for Geriatric Traumatology at the ZGT. Together with Professor Hermie Hermens (UT, RRD), who specializes in neuromuscular disorders and telemedicine, he is developing a new method of rehabilitation.

15 Mar 2017 - Remote diagnosis of sleep apnoa

For patients with suspected (obstructive) sleep apnea there is currently no alternative but to undergo an extensive sleep study in the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. Ainara Garde (BSS Telemedicine) is working on a nasal pulse oximeter that would measure heartbeat, oxygen saturation and breathing simultaneously. An app will be developed that will allow the data to be transmitted easily via a smartphone.

16 Oct 2015 - CMC contributing to leading role in Healthcare Technology The UTNieuws news outlet of the University of Twente published an article and an interview with Prof. Hermie Hermens, one of the coordinators of the Centre for Monitoring and Coaching. The article discusses the leading role in Healthcare Technology that the University of Twente is expected to take. The Centre of Monitoring and Coaching is considered to be a core example of how such ambitions may be achieved. 10 Aug 2015 - CMC website updates We have updated the Centre for Monitoring and Coaching website with some information about the centre itself and its community. 24 Jun 2015 - New website The new CMC website is under construction!