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2008-02 Multichannel research of the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten

February 2008: Multichannel research of the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG)

Within the “channels in balance”-project did the University of Twente research about the introduction of mulitichannel services of cities. This study is announced in VNG ledenbrief  Lbr. 07/127. Within this study the cities will be asked about their experiences with multichannel services. In the end of February 2008 the University of Twente will contact the cities to complete the study.

If you want more information about this research, please contact Drs. Willem Pieterson of the University of Twente, tel. 053-4892418, e-mail w.j.pieterson@utwente.nl .

The research program ICT and government organizations is one of the partners of the “channels in balance” – project. “Channels in balance” is a scientific and goal-oriented long-time research project about multichannel services of the government. The basis of this research is that citizens should have the possibility to contact the governance when they wantand via different channels. Important is that al channels work synchronal, so that citizens can use al channels the same way.