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2007-08 Book ICTs, Citizens and Governance

August 2007: Book ICTs, Citizens & Governance: After the Hype!

Next year the book "ICTs, Citizens & Governance: After the Hype!" of the series "Innovation and the Public Sector" will be published by IOS Press (http://www.iospress.nl/). The editors are Albert Meijer, Kees Boersma and Pieter Wagenaar. This book includes different articles of members of the research project. The following chapters are written by these members:

Marc ter Hedde & Jorgen Svensson: Digital discussion at the local level: does it really work? ( Netherlands )

W. Pieterson: Governments and multichanelling: Channel Positioning Strategies for the future. ( Netherlands )

Jan van Dijk & Anneleen Winters: The Perspective of Network Government, Joint-up Government between Networks and Hierarchies (Various countries)

Joost Kuijpers: Stuck in the middle. Impact of ICT on position and functions of Dutch provinces in government (Netherlands)

The chapter of Jan van Dijk en Anneleen Winters can be downloaded from this site (Link).