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2007-02 Electronic government player or spoilsport

February 2007: Staatscourant : Electronic government: player or spoilsport

On 8th February an article about the opinion over the electronic government was published in the Staatscourant by, among others, members of the research project. The authors give in this article their opinion about the electronic government has to be. According to them the politic has to create the electronic government simple, controllable and assessable. Only this way ICT can give an important contribution for a society in which the population can control their interaction with the government by their own.

The authors are Wolfgang Ebbers, Wil Jansen, Alexander van Deursen and Willem Pieterson. Wolfgang Ebbers and Wil Janssen are senior researchers at the Telematica Instituut. Alexander van Deursen and Willem Pieterson are researchers at the University of Twente and connected with the research project ‘ICT and government organizations’.