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2006-11 Research usage of electronic services of the government in 2006

November 2006: Research usage of electronic services of the government in 2006

The government has to give more information about their online services because these services could be used more often.

This has been found in a study the Unisersity of Twente did this summer sponsored by the Ministery of internal affairs. The title of this report is in English “Usage of electronic governmental services in the Netherlands in 2006, a survey about the motives and behavior of citizens”. This article will be presented on 17th November 2006 at the conference e-overheid.next in Amsterdam. The researcher did a reprehensive study with 1225 Dutch subjects older than 18.

Of the whole population 56% never used a digital service by the government and 71% of the Internet users didn’t use these services ether. Regional services like the electronic tax report are used more often (54% of the population and 82% of the Internet users). Many electronic governmental services and some regional services also aren’t known by the citizens, like the care bonus. More than 70% of the Internet users don’t know about electronic variants of services like making an appointment for the id card, asking for an extract of the GBA and reporting the amount of garbage. Halve of the people don’t know that this things can be done by writing an email to the local authority.

You can download the whole report here.