CTIT University of Twente

2007-10 Multichannel Management

October 2007

Willem Pieterson, Marije Teerling, Bram Klievink, Marc Lankhorst, Marijn Janssen & Piet Boekhoudt

Multichannel Management: De Stand van Zaken

Pieterson, W., Teerling, M., Klievink, B., Lankhorst, M. Janssen, M. & Boekhoudt, P. (2007). Multichannel Managament: De Stand van Zaken. Enschede: Telematica Instituut.


This report is a summary of the multichannel management (MCM) from three different perspectives: the perspective of the customer, the organization and the technology. The authors gave in this report first of al an introduction about MCM based on different research domains. After that they described the three different perspectives. In the customer perspective are the following aspects very important: choice of the channel, use of the channel and the influence on the channel usage. In the organization perspective is the MCM policy of the government the central point. In the end gives the report a summary of the actual technological possibilities of MCM. In every perspective are scientific and practical perceptions even important.