CTIT University of Twente

2007-01 Public Service Delivery in the Future

Januar 2007

Alexander van Deursen, Jan van Dijk & Dana Boland

Public Servicy Delivery in the Future

Although the electronic government is under heavy development, a clear vision doesn’t seem to exist. In this study 20 interviews among leaders in the field of e-government in the Netherlands resulted in different perspectives on the future of electronic public service delivery. The interviews revealed different objectives and interpretations of the presuppositions regarding citizens’ desires. Opinions about channel approaches and ‘trigger services’ appeared to vary. Furthermore, the respondents didn’t agree on the number of contact moments between citizen and government, had different opinions about digital skills, pled for various designs of the electronic government and placed the responsibility for electronic service delivery in different hands. Conclusion is that there is a lack of concepts on how to do things. Everybody talks about eGovernment, but all have different interpretations.

In this research project several prominent personalities in the area of the electronic government in the Netherlands were asked about their opinions regarding strategic goals and perspectives behind electronic governmental services.