CTIT University of Twente

2005-12 Energy of the connections

December 2005

Dana Boland

Daadkracht der Verbindingen (Energy of the connections)

Safety and quality of life are the results of norm-conformity. If the citizens live in agreement with the rules of society safety and quality of life will expense. This implicates some degree of conformity in the safety sector. But citizens want also to have their liberty. A conflict could occur.

An optimum of safety and quality of life. First these two things seem to be opposites. The goal of this study is to find a solution and to combine these two things. This seems to be difficult. This study pointed out that the implementation of network technology could be possible solutions. The result would be that citizens can complain to the norms of society but can also give an input for a safe society. The second goal is to test if this solution is already known by the safety sector.