CTIT University of Twente

2005-08 The Opportunities and Barriers

August 2005

Willem Pieterson, Wolfgang Ebbers & Jan van Dijk

The Opportunities and Barriers of User Profiling in the Public Sector


Like the private sector, the public sector makes more and

more use of user profiling to personalize the electronic services that are

being offered to citizens. User profiling offers great opportunities to make

communication more effective and efficient, to infer and predict citizens’

behavior and to even influence behavior. However, some drawbacks must

be considered. Important differences between the private and public sector

hinder the full employment of user profiling for governments and

some general user profiling obstacles, such as access, trust, control and

privacy have to be overcome to make fruitful use of user profiling.

This paper is presented at the EGOV05 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.