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Spijker, Sanne


E-mail: A.J.C.Spijker@utwente.nl

Address: Cubicus, room C223

Telephone: 053-4895312

Fax: 053-4894259 (secretary)

Work information:

Before working as a junior researcher at the department of Technical and Professional Communication, Sanne studied Dutch Language and Literature (Bachelor) and Communication Studies (Master degree) at the University of Utrecht. Currently, she is working at the University of Twente on a project regarding life events. A life event is a specific situation or event in the life of a citizen (or a life cycle of an organization) that requires at least one public service to be performed, for example getting married or getting another job. A navigation system based on life events could be beneficial for users of governmental Web Sites.

However, it is not (yet) clear whether Web Sites based on life events are easier to use than those based on other structures, like a thematic one. In this research project, we are trying to answer this question.



Life Events


Card sorting method


Usability testing

Research projects:

The use of life events on e-governmental Web Sites, in particular the Web Site of the Dutch Tax Administration.