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Karreman, dr. Joyce

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Website: http://www.gw.utwente.nl/tpc/mw/karreman/

E-mail: j.karreman@gw.utwente.nl

Address: Cubicus, room C 229

Telephone: + 31 (0)53 – 489 3312

+31 (0)53 – 489 3287 (secretary)

Fax: +31 (0)53 – 489 4259

Work information:

Joyce works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente, department of technical and professional communication. She obtained her PhD. in 2004 after a study on the use and effect of declarative information in user instructions. In a series of experiments, she studied the use and the effects of explanatory information on the effectiveness and efficiency of task performance. The results of these experiments show that although users are interested in declarative information, these information types do not always positively affect task performance. In 2006 she was a visiting post doctoral researcher at the University of Washington (Seattle, US), Department of Technical Communication.



Instructive texts, use and effects of information types


Usability testing


Text analysis


Document design

Research projects:

Joyce is interested in research about text in general, and more specifically in the so-called process of “reading to do”: reading texts to be able to perform a task. She is involved with Nicole Loorbach’s PhD project about the effects of motivating elements in instructive texts, such as user instructions for a cell phone. The first results of this project show that motivating elements that are aimed to increase the users’ confidence have positive effects on their ability to use the device.

Together with Sjoerd de Vries, she conducted a study about the quality and effectiveness of the written communication of the Province of Overijssel. They advised the Province, among other things, to include more motivational elements in their communication with citizens.

Apart from this, she is also interested in the design of websites and the effects of the navigational structure on the usability of a site. Together with Sanne Spijker and Thea van der Geest, she is currently involved in a project (in cooperation with and funded by the Dutch Tax Authority) about structuring e-services based on life events. The assumption is that organizing e-services along the line of recognizable life events will help users to find their way effectively and efficiently. This assumption is being tested in this research project.




Text analysis and research, (241204)


Text analysis, (241230)


Designing print media, (243115)


Supervision bachelor thesis projects, (246021)


Supervision master thesis projects

Recent publications:

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