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Centre for Array Technology


Centre for Array Technologies Lecture

Date: 4 april 2014, 15:00 to 17:00

Location: Waaier 3

Title: Phased Array Radar : Principles and Advanced Techniques

Presenter: Albert Huizing, TNO Senior Scientist

Radars with active phased array antennas have the ability to electronically control the beam direction and shape. This property allows phased array radars to optimize the dwell time and update rate for different radar functions, targets and environments. Furthermore, the shape of the transmit beam can be changed to support multiple beams on receive, thus enabling long dwell times and high update rates simultaneously. In addition, the distributed nature of power generation and signal reception in an active phased array antenna offers a graceful degradation of radar performance.

In this lecture, the principles of phased array radar will be presented and some of the trade-offs that emerge in the design of a phased array radar will be discussed. Advanced topics that will be addressed are synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radar, and compressive sensing.