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Engendering the Energy Transition. Theory meets policy and practice. South meets North

University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 23-24 November 2016

Engendering the Energy Transition. Theory meets policy and practice. South meets North

The University of Twente’s Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability (CSTM) in partnership with European Association of Development and Training Institutes (EADI), Africa Studies Centre (Leiden University) and ENERGIA invites academics, researchers and practitioners to participate in the symposium: Engendering the Energy Transition.


The symposium seeks to create a multi-discipline platform where a number of leading researchers, from the South and the North, will share experiences and understanding about how gender shapes and is shaped by their context. We aim to bring together for mutual learning researchers from different disciplines and sectors with an interest in gender.


Presentations will be based on work carried out in the South and North from a range of sectors. The symposium links to the Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) Dialogue and the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme asking for an ‘analysis of the role and the significance of gender aspects related to energy ‘.

The symposium is being held in conjunction with the inaugural lecture of Professor Joy Clancy, Chair of Energy and Gender.


The symposium organisers are pleased to acknowledge financial support from the University of Twente Fund and EADI.

Symposium aims

The symposium aims to create an increased understanding of:

  • the role that gender plays in managing the transition to a more sustainable energy system
  • how participation in the transition influences gender roles and relations
  • the concepts of empowerment and agency particularly in the context of the energy transition

Target group

  • Academic researchers from a range of disciplines with an interest in gender (e.g. energy, water, climate change, agriculture, forestry, ICT, economics, feminists)
  • Practitioners with an interest in gender and energy
  • Policy makers with an interest in gender and energy

Why attend?

  • Discuss with academics and researchers in the energy, gender, water and agriculture fields
  • Learn about the latest research on sustainable energy transitions and gender
  • Network with leading researchers in the field of energy and gender


  • Attendance and registration costs 50 euro for 23 November and 25 euro for 24 November (excluding accommodation and travel to the University of Twente; more information follows).
  • Applications to attend: Please send an email to transitionsymposium@utwente.nl by 16 November 2016