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21 May 2015 - Call for Proposals 'NWO Middelgroot' With funding from the Investment Fund 'NWO-middelgroot' it is possible to invest in innovative equipment, large databases and associated software. Budgets per proposal may range from 110 k-euro upto 500 k-euro (information in Dutch). 21 May 2015 - Would you like to talk to Charles Dickens? Having a conversation with your favorite author – such as Jane Austen or Charles Dickens - will be possible soon. The Human Media Interaction Group (CTIT) of the University of Twente is working on creating virtual writers as a part of an exciting EU funded project titled ARIA-VALUSPA, focused on development of artificial intelligence. Read more in the UT Magazine, May 2015 Edition. 21 May 2015 - 23 June 2015: ERC Grant Training On June 23, 2015, an ERC Grant Training will be organised. It is meant for excellent researchers (2-12 years after promotion) with an excellent idea for frontier research, who consider applying for an ERC Starting Independent Researcher grant. 21 May 2015 - Innovation lecture and Hi-Tech Fashion event The University of Twente has a long and vibrant tradition in business and entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, business generated by scientific research is the engine for economic growth. Transforming cutting-edge expertise into economic activity and benefits to society is one of our university’s core objectives. With 800 successful spin-off companies to its name, the University of Twente leads Europe in terms of start-ups. Collaborating closely with students, the business community and government, UT scientists are committed to delivering the technological and social solutions of tomorrow:  University of Twente, the University of Booming Business! You are welcome at the Innovation lecture 2015. 19 May 2015 - Social media force authorities to make principal policy choices The emergence of social media has provided Dutch authorities with various new possibilities to get in touch with their citizens. However, it appears that authorities still make use of these opportunities on a very limited scale. Such is the conclusion of a comprehensive scientific research by the CTIT research centre of the University Twente by order the WODC. In part, there are compelling reasons for this limited use. Nonetheless, there are also many opportunities that are still missed by the authorities. If the authorities really want to make use of all possibilities available, this will require some principal policy choices, according to the authors.  13 May 2015 - Smarter algorithms ensure more secure chip cards Scientists of the CTIT research institute at the University of Twente have together with their colleagues of the University of Leuven succeeded in securing chip cards against leaking confidential information. Through the use of smart algorithms it is now possible to better secure, for instance, bank cards, public transport chip cards and electronic keys of buildings and cars against hackers. 12 May 2015 - Smart transportation model can save 200 million euros The Netherlands spend 1 billion euros a year on target group transportation. This type of transportation is meant for those people who are unable to make use of own means of transportation or regular public transportation, such as the elderly or persons with a handicap. Given the high costs involved, it is crucial to plan this type of transportation as efficiently as possible. Mathematics student Inge Tensen of the University of Twente developed a transportation model that organizes all transportation flows for vulnerable people in a smarter way. This enables cost savings of at least 20%, without loss of quality. 8 May 2015 - 17 September 2015: VENI training On 17 September 2015, the UT will organise a training for those who consider to submit a NWO Veni proposal. it is meant for excellent researchers, max. 3 years after their promotion, with an excellent idea for research.