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All membrane research performed at the University of Twente is clustered in the Membrane Alliance Twente. Continue directly to the Membrane Science & Technology Group or explore the other groups below:

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The Membrane Technology Group of the University of Twente focuses on the multi-disciplinary topic of membrane science and technology to control mass transfer through interfaces. All membrane research performed is clustered in two different entities:

  1. Membrane Science & Technology, which focuses on the design, development and application of polymer membranes for Energy, Water and Sustainable Processes (Prof. Dr. Kitty Nijmeijer).
  2. European Membrane Institute Twente, which performs confidential contract research directly with the industry. It acts as the interface between the academic research and the industrial needs (Dr. Zandrie Borneman).

Latest news

Interview with Kitty Nijmeijer in ‘Chemie Magazine’ of the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry

In the October edition of ‘Chemie Magazine’ of the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI), Kitty Nijmeijer is interviewed about her role as VNCI Ambassador of the Dutch Chemical Industry and her work on membranes at the University of Twente. ... read more

PhD Defense Harro Mengers

On Thursday October 22, 2015 Harro Mengers will defend his PhD thesis entitled ‘Membrane reactors for the direct conversion of CO2 to dimethyl carbonate’. In his thesis, Harro investigated the potential of CO2 as feedstock for the production of dimethyl carbonate. He investigated the most critical operational parameters of a membrane reactor process based on model calculation. ... read more

PhD defense Beata Koziara

On Friday October 9, 2015 Beata Koziara will defend her PhD thesis entitled ‘Thin sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) films for the dehydration of compressed carbon dioxide’. In her thesis, Beata Koziara investigated the intrinsic properties of thin SPEEK films that can potentially be used in composite follow fiber membranes, to assess their applicability (in terms of stability) in high water activity systems. ... read more

No Life Without Chemistry

This Saturday, September 26, 2015, is the Dutch day of Chemistry. At that day, many chemical companies are open for the public, and allow citizens to have a look at their chemical plants and in their laboratories. ... read more