Membrane Surface Science (MSuS)

Welcome to Membrane Surface Science (MSuS), a relatively young research group established in 2016, and part of the Membrane Science and Technology cluster of the University of Twente. The research group is built around the vision and expertise of Dr. Wiebe M. de Vos, and combines the more fundamental fields of Surface Science, Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science with the more applied field of Membrane Science. For many membranes and membrane processes, it is the outer few nanometers of a membrane surface that determine critical performance parameters such as selectivity and fouling. Within MSuS, we aim to understand and control the interactions at the membrane surface for improved performance, but also to create additional functionalities.   

Apart from Dr. Wiebe M. de Vos, the group comprises of about 10 PhD students and postdocs, 4-5 MSc and BSc students and one technician. The research in the group is split into three research lines: Interactions at the Membrane surface, Membrane Coatings, and advanced Membrane Materials. A more detailed description of the current research projects can be found under the heading research. For any questions regarding the group please contact our secretary Audrey Haarnack at