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Membrane Process Technology

Department of Membrane Science and Technology

The Membrane Process Technology group focuses on the design, development and optimization of membrane-based separation processes at large(r) scale and higher technology readiness levels.

Membrane Process Technology (MPT)

Membrane Process Technology is part of the Department of Membrane Science and Technology. Our department has a long history of developing, applying and using membrane technology in the field of water technology. Nevertheless, the MPT group has the explicit intention to work on (the development of) membrane processes for the chemical, food/dairy and biorefinery industry as well.

The group Membrane Process Technology consists of the following three research chairs:

Position within Department of MST

By taking an holistic approach, we believe that scientists and researchers in the Department of Membrane Science and Technology are able to find, investigate, develop and test the best membranes materials and processes for a given application. In 2024, it was decided to combine process technological experience and expertise present in the various research chairs by reinitiating the group of Membrane Process Technology.

Stronger through synergy

Within the Department of MST, for a given application, all disciplines are present to

  • develop and characterize (novel) membrane materials, and modify membranes (MSuS, FiF);
  • study (interfacial) phenomena and processes that are relevant for mass and heat transport (SFI);
  • design novel and optimize existing (separation) processes by employing membranes (MPT).