Talented Twente Workshop

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In order to ensure a productive session with Onno van Veldhuizen in May to make agreements/ decisions instead of plans, we agreed on a Workshop on Monday, 11 March (13-17.30) to create proposals for the  ‘Talented Twente’ programme we have in planning. Sign up to let us know that you are coming! 

Why? To ensure a structured conversation to this complex and far-reaching topic as good as possible. 

What? Let’s make sure to have some plans on the table. The goal is to put together best practices, ongoing initiatives, and new ideas and make a plan of it. What is happening? Is it effective? What are the loopholes? 

When? Monday, 11 March (13-17.30) 

Where? IDEATE, DesignLab, UT 


Inventory of Initiatives





Intro & Statistics

Only the most relevant aspects to remind us of the priorities.


Brainstorming in Groups 

1. Collect best practices, ongoing initiatives, new ideas.

2. Rank those based on agreed criteria. Are those effective? Is something missing? 

3. Look at the customer journey of the target group and apply best practices/ initiatives: When does it make sense for the initiative to approach the target group? How and by whom? 


Plenary Session

Present customer journeys – audience vote, merge, decide.

Top 3 plans are taken to Meeting with Onno in May!


Drinks & Closing

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