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Improving the link between UT student and Enschede

Bursting the Bubble is a University Innovation Fellows project initiative by a team of students, driven by a strong belief and drive to improve education, at the University of Twente that strives to strengthen the ties between the UT campus and the city happenings and culture of Enschede. 

The project was founded upon the desire to make a valuable impact on our campus to improve the UT student’s experience during their time in Enschede. We found that many students, especially students not originally from Enschede or Twente, share an uninformed perception of the happenings, culture, and opportunities in the city of Enschede and that the geographical position of the campus makes the area act as a bubble that separates the students on and nearby campus from the city centre, creating a lack of integration by students. 

Strengthening the ties between the campus and the city of Enschede gives the opportunity for students to enrich their experience in Enschede and provides the city with the opportunity to fuel the entrepreneurial and creative spirit and enrich Enschede’s culture people from around the world. 

Vision & Mission

The mission is to ...

With this, we strive to achieve our long-term vision of ...

enabling non-locals at the UT to identify with the city, so that they can gain a sense of belonging and enrich their experiences in Enschede.

Our Goals

The Team

Bursting the bubble consists of the following Fellows.

Jessica Haak

Edo de Wolf

Alejandro García Navarrete

My Nguyen

Lisa Veldman

Want to help out?

In case you are interested in collaborating with us or if you have any questions, then you can contact us via Jessica Haak (j.a.m.haak@student.utwente.nl).