What happened? 

1. Presented the results to City Council, Twente Board, Cultural Directors, IKT, and more. 

It was interesting to see that the results of the survey resonated with many stakeholders but also showed the urgency of this topic. This is one of the first reports that highlighted the students' perspective. And here we go: Many students can imagine staying here, but are unaware of job opportunities in the region. 

A great result is that all those stakeholders are actively involved to incorporate students' perspective - by not talking about them, but with them! 

2. Several Newspaper Articles 

We got covered in regional but also national newspaper articles! A great milestone, and good to see that the topic around brain drain is on the top of the agenda for many! 

3. Think Tank

In line with the mantra to talk with the students instead of about them, we started the KTIT think tank! This group shows that students and young professionals are eager to let their voice be heard to improve the region and raise awareness also to our peers. Yes, we take action as well! 

4. Bedrijvendagen - Career Fair UTwente 

This was the first time that Bedrijvendagen featured a Twente Street with regional companies. KTIT was present as well to show from a why Twente is attractive for your career from a students' perspective. We talked to many students that day, making them enthusiastic about this movement. Thanks Samantha for setting this up! 

WHAT can you do? 

1. Join the Talented Twente Workshop! 

How can we streamline all the initiatives and best practices regarding keeping talent in Twente? Monday, 11 March we organise a Workshop exactly about that with different stakeholders from companies, knowledge institutions, and students. Would you like to join? Sign up here

2. Host a Free Lunch Friday at Kennispark!

An easy way to get in touch with students during a lunch break. If you want to host one yourself, check out www.kennispark.nl/freelunchfriday/

3. Post your job, internship or graduation assignment possibilities on JobTeaser for free!

JobTeaser is the platform from the University of Twente that connects students and jobs/internships/ assignments. Find out how you can make your first post: www.utwente.nl/en/ces/career-service/employer/

4. Get in touch with the Think Tank to brainstorm! 

Email ktit@universityinnovationfellows.nl specifying your the topic that you want to brainstorm about and relevant questions. We will come back to you and hope to help with advice from the talents' perspective! 

University Innovation Fellows
Lisette van Leemput
Policy Advisor International Talent at Gemeente Enschede