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Keep talent in Twente

The number of talents that chooses to study in Twente is increasing: each year hundreds of students graduate in Twente.

Twente does not only excel in talent development, it also offers opportunities for the future of talents as professionals. The Twente economy is growing and often performs better compared to the rest of the Netherlands. The number of job openings is increasing. For technical professions, the number of job offers has even doubled.

Nevertheless, Twente is dealing with students (both local and international) leaving the Twente region after they are graduated. The consequence of this may be a shrinking labour force. Therefore, human capital is an extremely important requirement to continue to participate in tomorrow’s economy.

Keeping Talent in Twente Think Tank 

We are a platform for stakeholders interested in contributing to the full utilisation of Talent in Twente. We function as an advisory board for governments, companies, educational and cultural institutes. Together we collaborate in initiatives that contribute to the growth, image, and diversity of the region. 

It starts with listening

Our very first step was a survey with the focus on the questions listed above. The outcomes were presented to the Twente Top in July.


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