Organic Materials Chemistry and Technology Cluster (OMCT)

In the Organic & Materials Chemistry & Technology cluster, we employ organic, supra- and macromolecular chemistry to develop advanced functional materials. Keywords that characterize our work are: molecular vision, self-assembly, bio-inspired, nano, applications, …

The cluster is composed of three groups:

Biomolecular Nanotechnology, where biomolecules or bio-inspired architectures are used as building blocks in the design of self-assembled, multifunctional and responsive materials.

Materials Science and Technology of Polymers, where macromolecular nanotechnology and materials chemistry are employed to obtain advanced functional macromolecular materials and devices with enhanced or novel properties and functions for targeted applications

Molecular Nanofabrication, where nanochemistry and self-assembly are used to build materials of the future.

The research within the cluster is headed by the following PIs: