Research Group Sustainable Polymer Chemistry


Stepping Towards a Sustainable Polymer Age!

The “Sustainable Polymer Chemistry“ (SPC) Group is embedded in the Department of Molecules and Materials at the Universiteit Twente in the Faculty of Science and Technology. SPC is also a member of the MESA+ Institute and the Polymer Center Twente (PCT).

With a major focus on the design and formulation of macromolecules, the interdisciplinary SPC team focuses on developing new sustainable polymeric materials with a focus on the synthesis of new molecules. 

The SPC group develops novel synthesis strategies and polymeric materials to tackle fundamental questions. The main focus of the group is novel (bio)degradable and chemically modified biobased materials, primarily based on phosphorus-containing polymers or biopolymers, such as starch, cellulose, or lignin.

We combine several state-of-the-art technologies to produce smart materials for drug delivery, agriculture, adhesive or separation technologies, flame retardants, and optics – always based on the molecular control of macroscopic properties.

The expertise of our interdisciplinary team combines modern organic and inorganic chemistry with precision polymer synthesis and colloidal formulations (miniemulsion, reactions at the interface, etc.), polymer brushes, polymer processing (foaming, 3D printing, etc.) with molecular characterization and precise imaging techniques (especially atomic force microscopy) to complement the materials preparations.

To learn more about the SPC team, possible openings, and collaboration requests, contact us or our secretariat via


Prof. Dr. Frederik R. Wurm (Chair and Group Leader of SPC)  

Prof. Dr. G. Julius Vancso (Emeritus Professor and Senior Expert)  


Dr. Mark Hempenius  


Dr. Joost Duvigneau  

Dr. Hubert Gojzewski