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Jeroen Cornelissen
Name: Prof. dr. Jeroen J.L.M. Cornelissen
Room: Carre: 4.225
Phone: +31 53489 4380
Fax: +31 53489 4645
Secret.:+31 53489 2980

Jeroen Cornelissen is Professor in Biomolecular Nanotechnology at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. He studied chemistry in The Netherlands with a minor in polymer chemistry carried out at the Eindhoven University of Technology with Prof. E.W. Meijer and a major in Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis at the University of Nijmegen with Prof. R.J.M. Nolte. He received his PhD (cum laude) from the latter university in 2001 for research carried out under the supervision of Prof. R.J.M. Nolte. After post-doctoral work at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, U.S.A. he returned to Nijmegen, where he was appointed as an Assistant Professor until 2009. His current research interests are in well-defined polymer architectures, hybrid systems of synthetic macromolecules and biopolymers and the use of viruses as building blocks in functional materials


Name: Dr. J.J.L.M. Cornelissen
Born: August 12, 1972 in Veghel, The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Married, two children

Working Experience

  • 2009-present: Full Professor in Biomolecular Nanotechnology, MESA+ Institute, University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
  • 2002-2009: Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • 2001-2002: Post-doctoral researcher, Advanced Organic Materials group IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.
  • 1996-2001: PhD in Organic Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands,
    Thesis: “Polymers and Block Copolymers of Isocyanopeptides – Towards Higher Structural Order in Macromolecular Systems”


  • Veni Innovative Research Grant NWO in 2002
  • 2002 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
  • 2002 SNS Bank Prijs
  • Vidi Innovative Research Grant NWO in 2005
  • Emerging Young Investigator in Materials Science, J. Mater. Sci. special issue (2007).
  • 2007 EURYI Award
  • Beijerinck Premium 2008 for Virology from the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences.


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