Bioelectric Signaling and Engineering (BioEE)

We are an interdisciplinary group interested in the role of membrane proteins, especially ion channels, in cellular (mis-) communication leading to disease, especially cancer and nervous system disorders. While we generate fundamental knowledge on the functioning of ion channels, we also re-design them to perform novel tasks, such as acting as a remote-controlled valve in nanodevices, as a detector in sensors, or as a tool to interfere with bioelectrical signals. Our toolbox includes molecular biology, synthetic biology, biophysics, and various patch clamp electrophysiology tools.

Currently, we are working on:

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Warm congratulations to Hugo for being one of the three winners of 4TU.Health PhD competition!

The competition aims to challenge PhD students from the health and tech domain to present their research to others from four technical universities in The Netherlands. It is an exciting and engaging platform for young researchers to explore new topics and generate collaborations. You can see all 44 posters here. We wish Hugo lots of success in his research.  Team BioEE, 23 March 2023

MASTER PROJECTS (min 6 months)              

BioEE group is looking for master students with a biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering background for the following projects:

If you are an enthusiastic person interested in experimental research at the crossroads of basic science and engineering and looking for a challenge, please get in touch with us for the details of the projects.


If you are an ambitious, curious, and hard-working Saxion or master's student who would like to join us to contribute to cancer research, we are looking for you. We have multiple research and innovation projects to offer. If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch with Prof. Kocer.