Research within the Membrane Science and Technology is clustered around several themes, linked to a group of principal investigators.

Membrane Surface Science

(Wiebe de Vos)

The outer surface of a membrane can greatly influence both its separation performance its susceptibility to fouling. We combine physical chemistry and membrane science to understand the role of the membrane surface and to design membrane coatings for enhanced separation performance.


Films in Fluids

(Nieck Benes)

Focus is on the synthesis of thin (hybrid) films by interfacially controlled chemistry, the in-situ characterization of thin films in fluids, and the development of inorganic porous hollow fibers.   

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Soft matter Fluidics and Interfaces

(Rob Lammertink)

Focus on interfacial phenomena and processes that are relevant for mass and heat transport. We wish to study and exploit fundamental principles where fluid flow encounters structures on a sub-millimeter length scale.

Inorganic Membranes

(Arian Nijmeijer)

Research in the Inorganic Membrane group encompasses macro as well as micro scale phenomena, in the field of membrane materials development, transport phenomena, and membrane process design.

Electrochemistry Research Group


Advanced Membranes for Aqueous Applications

(Erik Roesink)

Membrane Technology and Engineering for Water Treatment

(Walter van der Meer)