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The Health, Well-being & Technology research domain uses an interdisciplinary approach to gain insight into the conditions and mechanisms that make personalized health technologies effective and efficient in promoting health and well-being.

In close collaboration with designers of technology, patients, healthcare professionals, providers and managers, we develop, implement and evaluate technologies to be used in prevention, homecare and in (pre-)clinical settings. Improving healthcare by addressing the needs of patients and professionals is the main priority in all our activities.

Inclusive and cost-effective

Furthermore, we address new forms of governance of integrated healthcare to implement technologies in an inclusive and cost-effective way. To make this approach a success, we have strong ties within the University of Twente and with healthcare organizations including academic and regional hospitals, public health and home care  institutions. We also have a close collaboration with international partners in health education and research. 

Our students play an active role in our research. We have bachelor and master programmes in Health Sciences, Biomedical engineering and Technical Medicine. These students are involved in interdisciplinary projects executed by various research groups. They are trained to be science professionals who are ready to face the unpredictable, complex, globalized world to deliver relevant and innovative improvements in health and healthcare.



Digital Nature: Designing healing environment for preventing delirium and enhancing patient experience in ICU 

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Power4FitFoot aims to prevent risks of diabetic foot

The Power4Fitfoot-project develops personalized self-management products and services to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers or amputations. Real-time sensor data analytics and big data are the key ingredients in our approach. The result will be an early warning system on risk detection of deterioration, with feedback and coaching

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dr. T.J.L. van Rompay (Thomas)
Associate Professor
dr. S.M. Kelders (Saskia)
Associate Professor

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