Human Resource Management

The HRM department in the University of Twente is dedicated to cutting-edge research and teaching in Human Resource Management with a particular emphasis on the HRM, Technology and Innovation, in search for developing partnership between HRM and UT faculty members, bachelor and master students, and HR executives, in research and teaching.

This specialization positions HRM within the context of international, high-tech and innovative businesses. It prepares students to apply advanced talent-management practices, while providing them with guidelines for keeping employees motivated, involved and productive. 


In recent years, the business community has come to recognize that success depends upon careful Human Resource Management (HRM), which is a strategic and comprehensive approach to the systematic management of people and the workplace culture and environment. Every manager is confronted with the challenge to keep staff members motivated, involved and productive, despite any changes that might be taking place. Effective HRM enables employees and managers to contribute effectively and productively to the overall business direction and the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives through employee motivation, effective hiring, performance management, organizational development, safety, wellness, benefits, communication, career development and training.

                        HRM Technology and Innovation

The HRM function is expected to promote the strategic utilization of employees, in addition to ensuring that any employee programmes that are recommended or implemented will have a positive and measurable impact on the company. The days when HRM was regarded as an administrative function are past.

Modern HRM involves strategic direction, HRM analytics, strategic talent management and HRM metrics, all of which are designed to demonstrate the value of human capital. 


The HRM profile within the Master’s programme in Business Administration is one of the highest ranking curricula within the multidisciplinary field of HRM, (Information) Technology and Innovation. The core of the HRM profile at the University of Twente is shaped by a strong focus on research expertise concerning the latest developments, including new ways of working, employee-driven innovation, electronic HRM, HR analytics, the involvement of line management and HR Shared Services. This focus makes the profile unique within the international academic arena.


You will learn to understand, seek and encourage innovation through the management of people. You will become aware of the intricacies of employee competences for innovation, and you will be able to analyse and design jobs and HR functions in different types of organizations.

Students in the HRM specialization:

  1. Learn from leading research experts in the fields of HRM, Technology and Innovation
  2. Position themselves as talented prospective employees (the first step towards a rewarding career)
  3. Develop marketable multidisciplinary skills and become effective business leaders
  4. Learn from projects with actual organizations and inspiring guest speakers from the business community
  5. Enjoy a carefully balanced study load across all HRM courses