Research Group Communication Science

Welcome at the research group communication science. Founded in the 1990s, Communication Science at the University of Twente originally focused on organizational communication, technical communication and marketing. Over the years we increasingly moved in the direction of technology, with the goal to conduct and apply innovative research for the benefit of society. Our educational programme is ranked as the number 1 communication programme in the 2019 Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide and is rated a 'Top Programme'. We are the only communication science group that really studies and teaches communication in the context of our high-tech digital global society.

Our vision:

Technology is everywhere; we are constantly connected. This results in new ways of communication between people and between people and machines. We study the impact of technology, how to improve technology and how technology can support and strengthen interactions.

Our mission: 

Empowering humans and organizations in our high-tech digital society. We focus on research and education that connects people through technology and people with technology in order to bring forth a resilient, sustainable and inclusive society.


We are a non-traditional tech oriented communication science group. Societal issues are the starting point for our research. The role of tech and tech solutions are key. We use Technologically advanced ways to conduct research.