Technology Management & Supply

The CHAIR “Technology Management and Supply” covers the named topics in research and teaching.

We are responsible for diverse courses on technology management and innovation as well as for a bachelor specialization in supply management and a master profile purchasing and supply management. We are the second European public university to offer a master dedicated to the education of professional purchasers.

Our research focus is upon innovations in networks, exploring both, the inter-organisational level, for instance innovations from and with suppliers or the modularization of products and its impact on the management of its innovation network, as well as individual level, such as innovation in teams with members from diverse backgrounds or R&D and purchasing collaboration. Closely linked to the innovation research is our operations part, covering purchasing, production and logistics. In supply management research two main lines can be differentiated: purchasing and supply management in industrial firms as well as public procurement. The new Dutch law of public quotation has been drafted in Twente. A special research focus in Twente is upon customer attractiveness, supplier satisfaction and on how to  achieve preferred customer status with leading suppliers. In this way, a strategic component to supply management is added.

Many staff members of TM/S are also affiliated to UTIPS – The University of Twente Initiative for Purchasing Studies. Twente regularly scores among the top 5 European universities in purchasing and supply management. Our teaching programme has been the first university programme to be awarded with the “Global Standard for Professional Excellence” administrated by the IFPSM, the international association of purchasing professionals.