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Reconstruction campus in 30 km/h traffic zone

University Twente will become more bicycle-friendly and will transform into a 30-km zone in 2022. Various changes will be made to different traffic situations. In many places the car will be a guest. The reason for these changes is to increase traffic safety on our campus. The construction work will start on 24 May and is expected to be completed in early 2022. On this page you will find the recent news messages, various detour routes and an impression of the redesign of different traffic situations on campus.


News about this project can be found through the left menu box News.

Detour routes phase 2

Detour routes due to roadworks will be put in place. Please find them in the below mentioned overview. A full overview of the detours is also available.

Detour routes cars

Detour route cars

Detour routes busses + temporary busstops

Detour routes busses + busstops

Photos reconstruction works

Impression redesign 30 km traffic zone campus

Please find below a number of designs.