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How do I get a visa or residence permit?

The visa department of the University of Twente guides Bachelor, (pre-)Master and Exchange students through the process to obtain an entry visa and/or residence permit. As a non-EEA student, it is important to take note of the different steps involved. You will be guided through the process via email step-by-step.

If you miss a deadline we cannot apply for (or verify) your visa/residence permit and you will not be able to start your studies at the University of Twente on time. Completing the steps early on will enable you to arrange your visa, housing and other formalities sooner.

Please note: every non-EEA student needs to go through the process, including students who already have a residence permit as we need to verify this.

Steps to obtaining your visa

  • To start - Accept your Offer of Admission

    To start the visa application process, you first have to accept your Offer of Admission. Within a couple of days after your response you will be informed via email that new questions have been added to your Osiris application. This is the start of the visa process.

  • Step 1 - Respond to the visa questions in Osiris

    The initial visa questions that were added after you accepted the Offer of Admission require your response. If applicable, you also have to upload the following documents. Please be aware of the deadlines.

    • A copy (back and front) of your current Dutch or European residence permit (if applicable).
    • Students with the Chinese nationality have to upload their Nuffic certificate. All Chinese students need to submit a NUFFIC certificate for the visa application. Please ask NUFFIC to send the original certificate to the University of Twente. For more information about the NUFFIC certificate please visit the NUFFIC website.

    After completing this step, you will receive the tuition fee letter. This does not apply to Exchange students, they will receive instructions per email.

  • Step 2 - Payment of fees and provide proof of finance

    The official visa application process will be started after the University of Twente has received and processed all the financial requirements as per the instructions in the Tuition fee letter or e-mail. See below for more information. Please have a look at the deadlines for more information.

    Payment of fees

    Dutch law requires non-EEA students to pay tuition fees for the first year beforehand (not applicable to Exchange students). In the Tuition fee letter you can find information about the amount and the payment instructions.

    You will also have to pay the visa application fee, which is € 192. You will pay this to the University, and the University will transfer it to the IND. Should you not be able to attend the University of Twente because you failed to meet the requirements or decided to withdraw, the visa application fee will not be returned.

    Proof of finance for living

    Non-EEA students are also required to provide proof of sufficient financial means for living in the Netherlands. Bachelor/Master students need to prove financial means of € 12.000, whereas Exchange students need to prove € 1.000 per month. To prove your financial means, the University of Twente will ask you for a scholarship award letter and/or bank statement. 

    After approval of all the required payments and documents, new questions will be added to your Osiris account.

  • Step 3 - Upload documents for visa arrangements

    You have to upload various documents for us to be able to apply for your visa arrangements on your behalf. The forms are provided in the questionnaire in Osiris or you can have a look at our example documents. Please be aware of the deadlines.

    • Copy of your passport: make sure you include all pages, also the empty ones
    • Antecedents certificate: make sure you have ticked the box and signed it with the date of signing
    • Declaration of intent to undergo a Tuberculosis test: if applicable (see exemption list provided in the questionnaire)
    • Declaration of intent regarding study progress (not applicable to Exchange students)

What's next in the visa process?

After you have completed all of the steps above we will apply for your visa with the IND (Dutch Immigration Service) and inform you via email. Please note we cannot apply for your visa earlier than 3 months prior to the start of your programme. You will receive another email once your visa has been granted. This normally takes about three weeks after your application has been sent to the IND. You will also be informed about the arrangement of various formalities.

You are advised to keep up a file with all official documents and letters you receive during your stay in the Netherlands.

Check our website for more detailed information for international students.