The following deadlines apply to Bachelor, (pre-)Master and Exchange students in order to obtain a valid visa/residence permit. The three deadlines correspond to the three steps mentioned in 'How to obtain?'. The visa/residence permit procedure only starts after accepting your Offer of Admission.* If you are an Exchange student, this does not apply to you: the University of Twente will contact you.

Please note: every non-EEA student needs to go through the process, including students who already have a residence permit as we need to verify this.

September intake

February intake

Deadline response to visa questions

15 June

15 November

Deadline payment of fees and upload proof of finances

30 June

30 November

Deadline upload documents for visa arrangements

15 July

15 December

*Below you can find the application deadlines for the programmes, you need to have an offer for the programme of your choice before you can start the visa procedures:

for returning students

If you were registered at UT before and are now returning to complete your study, you will not need an offer of admission. Please keep the admission deadlines in mind when applying for visa: 

  • If your program needs to re-evaluate your admission, the deadline is 1 May for starting per 1 September. If you want to start per 1 February, the deadline is 1 October. 
  • If a new admission is not needed, you may apply for your program again before 1 June (starting 1 September) or before 1 November (starting 1 February)

The visa deadlines as mentioned in the table above are also applicable to you (when you are a returning student).