The University of Twente wants to provide a socially safe environment for everyone. Respect, integrity, honesty and consideration for others are all part of the norms of behaviour that are expected in this kind of environment. University of Twente staff members, visitors and students are all required to contribute actively to ensure a socially safe environment. This applies to their own behaviour, of course, but they are also expected to be vigilant in combating any kind of unacceptable behaviour they encounter.

As a university, we make every effort to prevent inappropriate conduct, based on the principles set out in our code of ethics. The principles this code contains should underlie the behaviour of everyone within our community. We have an extensive support structure in place for anyone who wants to make a complaint or report in this area, with clear procedures on how to proceed. We have several confidential advisors that people can consult. The University of Twente also has an ombuds officer, and the importance of a safe culture is widely promoted and forms an integral part of our team and leadership programmes. If the code of conduct is breached, the University of Twente operates a zero-tolerance policy and does not hesitate to take appropriate measures where necessary.

Our House of Integrity programme enacts this approach based on the three pillars of scientific, social and business integrity.

Integrity guides

These guides make it easy to find the right person to get in touch if you have any questions regarding integrity matters.