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Developing a national catalogue for digital tools in education Looking for UT teachers to contribute

On behalf of the UT, the TELT-team is contributing to the development of a national online catalogue for educational applications. This pilot project, called Samenwerkingsplatform voor Educatieve Applicaties (SPEA), is coordinated by SURF and is a collaboration with 8 other Dutch higher education institutions. The pilot project is a follow-up of the Proof-of-Concept in 2021 in which the UT also participated (a report is available in Dutch).

Why a Platform for Educational Applications?  

Teachers are regularly looking for digital tools that match the type of education they offer. In some cases, a clear overview of tools that are available (or recommended) within the institution is lacking, so we often see teachers having to consult multiple (internal and external) online sources or asking colleagues. The information can be very scattered and there's not always enough attention for the consequences of using a certain tool, for example in relation to privacy, security, or licenses. That's why we’re working on the development of a platform that provides a comprehensive overview of available applications that an institution offers and that can safely be used in education. In addition, the platform provides a way to share experiences (reviews) about applications you’ve been using with colleagues/peers from inside and outside UT.  

To learn more about the concept of the platform, watch the video below:

How can I contribute? 

To evaluate the first version of the platform, we’re looking for UT employees who are willing to try out the platform (15 minutes) and give their feedback by filling in a questionnaire (15 minutes) or participating in an interview/user test (60-90 minutes). Are you involved in teaching and/or educational development at UT (e.g. teacher, e-learning specialist, educational consultant)? Would you like to contribute to this pilot project? You can sign up via this web form until 18 June 2024. We will use your e-mail address to provide you with information on how you can access and try out the platform.

I would like to try out the platform
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Next steps

The test and evaluation phase runs until July, this is the period that will be used to collect feedback. After that, the results of the overall evaluation together with the 8 other Dutch institutions will be shared in a report. Based on the results, SURF will further refine the concept and decide how to develop this into a useful service for all SURF members. At the same time, UT can use the results to make an informed decision on whether they would like to continue using this platform in the future. It should be clear whether the platform will be(come) generally available at the UT before the end of 2024. 


If you have any questions or you would like to know more about this pilot project, visit this page on the TELT-website, contact the TELT team, or directly contact Raisa van der Vegt (member of the TELT team).