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EduTools Platform

Project status

TELT is currently contributing to the development of a joint (online) platform for educational tools, called EduTools. This project is coordinated by SURF and started in 2021 with a Proof-of-Concept in collaboration with 5 other Dutch Higher Education Institutions. The overall conclusion of the Proof-of-Concept was positive: a joint platform for educational tools is found to be useful and feasible. The report (Dutch only) can be found here.

The next step in this project is to carry out a pilot with the platform. In the first (preparational) phase of the pilot, starting from September 2023, the prototype that was built for the Proof-of-Concept will be developed further together with participating institutions. In the second phase of the pilot, starting from December 2023, the platform will be put into operation in a controlled setting in order to be tested and evaluated by the final users. Feel free to contact the TELT team if you are interested in contributing. 


How to get a better grip on the landscape of educational tools that are being used within our institution? How to give users better insight into which tools they can safely use? With this project, called 'Project Educational Applications', we are looking for a joint solution for sharing information about tools via an online platform, called 'Edutools'.


From a teacher's perspective

Teachers are regularly looking for online tools that match the type of education they offer. In some cases a clear overview of tools that are available (or recommended) within the institution is lacking, so we often see teachers consulting multiple (internal and external) online sources or asking colleagues. The information can be very scattered and there's not always enough attention for the consequences of using a certain tool, for example in relation to privacy, security, or licenses. That's why we’re working on the development of a platform that provides a comprehensive overview of available tools that our institution offers and that can safely be used in education. In addition, the platform will provide ways to share experiences (reviews) about tools you’ve been using with colleagues from inside and outside our institution.

From an institutional perspective

On the other hand, is it is important for the institution to have insight into and to gain control over the use of educational tools by lecturers and students. This may involve licensing costs, but also possible risks when using applications. This is especially important for information managers that are involved in selecting and supporting educational applications.


Several initiatives already exist to provide overviews of educational tools. Together with SURF we will build on this and investigate whether a joint solution is possible. A solution in which as much information as possible is shared between institutions while, at the same time, educational institutions can make their own choices and selections to personalize the way they want to share information.

Impression of the Edutools platform (mock-up image)
Impression of the Edutools platform (mock-up image)

The Proof of Concept (PoC) method is used to develop the EduTools platform. At the end of 2021, a prototype version of the platform will be evaluated with UT teachers, content managers, and information managers. Based on the results of the overall evaluation, SURF will refine the concept and will decide if and how they can develop this into a service for all SURF members.

The following institutions are also participating in the PoC:


For more information about this project, please visit the SURF website (currently only in Dutch). Please contact the TELT team if you want to know more about this project, or if you want to stay updated about the outcomes.