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Tailored education for ambitious and motivated bachelor students: what do you want to develop?

To tailor your Honours experience to your needs and to allow you focussing on specific skills you want to develop, the Bachelor Honours programme is divided into 6 different tracks, each focussing on a different field.

Each track takes 1.5 years and has 6 courses, of which the first one starts in quartile 3. Please note that you cannot follow more than one track at a time


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Entrepreneurship & Business Development

The Entrepreneurship & Business Development track trains students to become real-time entrepreneurs. The focus is on different ways students can run their own companies and how they can ensure that their businesses are relevant for society. We work in close cooperation with Novel-T to support students in their ventures and the track is focused on the student’s personal growth as entrepreneurs. The main perspective of the Entrepreneurship and Business Development track is the effectuation approach. This is a relatively new way to look at entrepreneurship. In the more traditional approaches, starting your business is a stepwise, planned action mostly focused on writing a business plan. However, expert entrepreneurs hardly follow this approach. Effectual entrepreneurs work with the means available to them and are actively searching for partners to cooperate and share risks by pre-commitment to the new venture. Co-creation is important; it is not a one-way trajectory but together with partners you will establish two-way cooperation where means are exchanged to create synergy. You will, therefore, focus a lot on networking and working together with your fellow entrepreneurs.

Track Experiences
Vincent van Engers - Student 19/20

The Entrepreneurship & Business Development track puts everyone out of their comfort zone. It forces you to think deeply and teaches you how to interact with the world. The lessons learned in this course are learned for life.


The Mathematics track goes far beyond equations and variables by teaching students how to solve problems using a mathematical approach. Aside from delving deeper into challenging and engaging mathematical topics, students will develop skills that go hand-in-hand with mathematics such as computer coding and signal processing. During the track, students will develop a structured yet creative way of problem-solving. The track will deepen and broaden your understanding and knowledge of mathematical skills. It is partly aligned with mathematics curricula of engineering studies, but also new and challenging disciplines in this field of science will be discussed, such as Coding Theory and Geometry. The track is divided into six modules, running from fundamental to applied mathematics. We offer this track through (guest) lectures and tutorials alongside challenging assignments and final projects. The intended learning outcome is a new creative way of problem-solving with the aid of mathematical tools.

Track Experiences
Yanhze Li - Student

The Mathematics track will introduce a new world to you, it will teach you a new way of thinking on almost every topic, such as the deeper meaning of art.

Matthew Maat - Student

I chose to do the Honours programme to learn about new, challenging subjects. I am doing the Mathematics track because the subject interests me the most (as I am an Applied Mathematics student). The track teaches about various mathematical topics and gives space to investigate things by yourself in the problem sets.

Alexander Haas - Student

The Mathematics track combines interactive lectures with supervised tutorials. The programme really challenges you, but the teachers are always willing to help. As a student in the Mathematics Honours track, you learn a lot of interesting new things. Topics range from the P vs. NP problem to four-dimensional geometry, and from coding theory to the study of dynamic systems. This variety is part of what makes the track so worthwhile. All in all, then, I would certainly recommend this track to anyone who is interested in mathematics.

Processes of Change

The Processes of Change track teaches students to understand change and to help affect change in the world around them. Change and its desirability will be analysed at various levels: society at large, organisations, teams and individuals. Change at one level will induce change at other levels; innovation and reform imply change at various levels. Leaders and those who want to contribute to positive change need to know about these relationships. Students are stimulated to become more creative in their leadership and to think independently. Students will, for instance, develop new theories about organisations (without reading any literature), and they will design and execute real-life change interventions. Social skills like presenting, consulting, coaching and leading will be taught and trained, together with individual skills including self-assessment and self-improvement. The obtained insights and skills will be put into practice during the execution of an individual project at the end of the course, to be presented during a final seminar. This track focuses on the students’ ability to let themselves, other people and the groups and organisations they are part of, turn to new views, attitudes, behaviours and policies.

Track Experiences
Reuven Avnon - Student 20/21

I applied for the Processes of Change track because I wanted to learn about change and because I wanted to be in an inspirational environment with students from other studies that possess different expertise.

Atis Kazaferi - Student 19/20

The Processes of Change track has given me significant insights into my surroundings as well as myself, on how I can develop and what I can ambitiously achieve. This Honours programme has been an inspirational experience for me, and I am looking forward to what more it can offer me in terms of network building and my learning objectives.

Moritz Wagner - Student 20/21

The Processes of Change track provides fantastic education and experiences for future work environments. This programme teaches you how to analyse societal behaviour, use your resources to understand the causality of change, and practice essential methods to achieve change. Furthermore, you learn more about your characteristics and how to utilise this awareness in the future.

Chris Sleurlink - Student

For me, the Honours programme is a great addition to my regular studies. It provides me with in-depth education into specific and broad subjects that help me place things into perspective, also within my regular study program. I chose the Processes of Change track as 'change' is an under-analysed subject in the business world. This Honours track analyses the idea of change and dynamics on different levels, including society and individual level.

Tsjalle van der Burg - Teacher

Because we as teachers get to know the students personally, we can help them improve their creativity.

Julia Wijnmalen - Teacher

Honours students are smart and being smart often makes you think that you already know everything. That is what I like about working with these students - the challenge to be able to challenge them.

Desirée van Dun - Teacher

Being a change leader also requires yourself to be adaptive to and deal effectively with change. Both the Bachelor and Master Honours students challenge me to constantly innovate and step up my own knowledge and didactics, which is a delightfully enriching experience.

Celeste Wilderom - Teacher

After every evening, the (guest) teacher of that evening almost always expresses an interest to come back to the next group next year. Just because every year consists of such a diverse and engaged group.


For students specializing in technology, managerial or behavioural sciences, an apprenticeship in the broad scope of philosophy is a valuable prerequisite to keep High Tech in touch with the Human Touch. After all, philosophy, and certainly its major representatives, can be considered as best practices of creative and self-critical thought that proved its fecundity in science, ethics, politics, literature and art. The Philosophy track guides students into an encounter with philosophic primary sources. It is not an introduction in applied ethics or philosophy of a specific discipline, but it aims at students acquiring a Socratic attitude. For Socratic wisdom entails the insight that if one asks long enough about the presuppositions, the legitimations and consequences of current scientific, ethical and political ideas, they turn out to be apt for philosophical reflection.

Track Experiences
Jan-Niklas Grinth - Student

I joined the Philosophy track because I am very interested in the theories, concepts, and perspectives of philosophers. However, philosophy is a complex and interrelated discipline. The Honours programme offers the opportunity to explore it within a professional framework, including the study of literature, the guidance of professors, and discussions with enthusiastic classmates. Retrospectively, it was the ideal starting into this field as the discussions inspired and enabled me to think about certain contents in a more sophisticated and transcendental manner.

Leonie Spitzer - Student

I chose the Philosophy track as it offers me the opportunity to share personal viewpoints on difficult issues to get a more thorough understanding. Through this Honours track, I am able to combine my personal interests with a philosophic attitude. I am enlightened by the different perspectives of other students and my professors. Furthermore, I get to understand literature which I would normally avoid reading due to a high level of difficulty.

Bregje Walraven - Student

When I discovered the Honours programme, I was immediately in love with the Philosophy track, something totally different from my own study. I like the weekly sessions about certain topics that are so interesting for self-development, and therefore would really suggest other students do this track as well. 

Jan Hoogland - Teacher

As a teacher of the Philosophy track, the Honours programme offers me the joy of being a close witness of the growth and development of a group of young students for a year and a half. It is fantastic to see how interested, involved and unorthodox these students are in their dialogues and ideas about current issues.

Shaping the Future

The Shaping the Future track focusses on analysing big societal issues where new scientific findings, insights or technological developments did or may still invoke major structural changes. Students will learn from past scientific developments, apply this knowledge to a current issue, and foresee and anticipate future problems. Skills learned within this track are competencies that students can use to tackle problems in their own and in multidisciplinary fields. The track encourages students to develop and use a unique way of problem-solving, enabling them to influence the future. Are you a curious, broadly interested student who is thrilled by ground-breaking research and designs? Then Shaping the Future is the track for you!

Track Experiences
Annemarte Visscher - Student 18/19

Participating in the Honours programme gave me the opportunity to explore some of my interests in great detail with the aid of amazing teachers. It really taught me how great learning can be when you are working together with motivated and fun people.

Sven van Wincoop - Student

The Honours programme and the Shaping the Future track are unique opportunities to develop yourself on an academic level as well as personal level. Frequently presenting, critical thinking and active participation are keywords for the track. The icing on the cake is that it also looks well on your CV!

Maarten Krol - Teacher

What I enjoy the most is to see how our students, in our multidisciplinary cohorts, first get so much more aware of their own disciplinary "tunnel" and then learn to appreciate the (sometimes) very different perspectives of their classmates.

Hajo Broersma - Teacher

Students are the key players for Shaping the Future. I strongly believe that our Honours programme prepares them better for their crucial role in saving our planet.

Eric Mulder - Guest Lecturer

For me, being a guest lecturer, it was and is a positive challenge, and very satisfying, to deal with smart young people on an intellectual level. I hope the feeling was and is mutual!

Kim van der Tak - Student

The Shaping the Future track enables you to gain more knowledge of subjects that are beyond your regular studies, like cosmology, evolution and philosophy. Here, it is about challenging yourself and others to be critical. You will enhance you presenting, discussion and listening skills. And apart from that, you will definitely have a fun time getting to know students from other studies. The reason I applied was because of my eagerness to increase my skills and knowledge in a different field than my own area of expertise.