Bachelor Honours programmes


Are you talented, intellectually interested and motivated? Then the Honours programme is the right place for you!
For its more ambitious students, the University of Twente offers an interesting programme which challenges the students to show their best. The programme starts every year in February and is for the top 10% of each study only. In nearly one and a half year you follow a programme of 30 EC. As the programme is open for all bachelors, you will work in an interdisciplinary group of excellent and motivated students. During the course, you will be intensively guided and tutored by a specially chosen group of scientists with different backgrounds and disciplines. You will learn about great scientists or designs and learn to ask questions about everyday scientific situations, will learn how to write your own research proposal and make a joint final work. The exact contents of each programme can be found under programme.

Points worth considering

Following the Honours programme takes time. More precisely, it will cost you an equivalent of 30 EC over a period of one and a half year. This is more than most students realize as it is expected that those who apply will also follow and duly complete their bachelor. However, our experiences learn that motivation is the most important aspect and that the right amount of it, combined with some enthusiasm, will make it possible to complete both the programme and your bachelor successfully.
It is expected from you that you attend all lectures. If you are not able to attend lectures for longer than two weeks during the programme, you should not apply.
The programme can even deliver you benefits in your own bachelor, because you can use the knowledge and experience gained there in your other studies. And while you may sometimes be busier than others, let us be honest: everyone likes to have ‘Graduated with Honours’ put on his or her diploma supplement.


The programme of the students of February 2018 of is shown below. Some modules cover one quartile and there are four modules which cover two quartiles: Great Designs, Origins, Individual project and Design Project. You choose a track in the start of the programme and then you are allowed to switch to another track in quartile 2.1. By clicking on a module, you get information about it. Here you can also find information about the teachers.

The lectures are on Monday and Wednesday evening from 18.15 – 20.15. All modules are given in English.

How it works

The Honours programme does not consist of large, formal lectures in which leaning backwards is acceptable. Instead, it features small, intensive working groups guided by the best scientists and researchers the University of Twente has to offer. Therefore, you are expected to take an active role in the programme.
One of the main points of the Honours programme, which is seen in every module, is the gathering of excellent students, researchers and scientists to create a strong community of knowledge within the University of Twente. Besides the creation of new working forms, the exchange of knowledge will always take a central position. At the completion of the programme, we hope you have gained not only more knowledge, but also more skills and even some new friends.

information sessions

  • 18th of October          Information session 2nd year students
  • 12th of November      Information session 1st year students
  • 12th of December      Question market 1st and 2nd year students
  • 7th of January            Final question hour
  • 9th of January            Deadline for application

Tobias Vermeer,
BSc International Business Administration
“For me the Honours Programme is pushing the boundaries in my personal development and thinking.”
BSc Honours Programme 2014-2015